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Our Process

We are in constant contact with our network and locate opportunities through the investment community, affiliations with professional services firms, business intermediaries, industry associations, targeted mailings, alumni networks and other sources.

We review opportunities and deals on a daily basis, evaluating and identifying quality acquisition targets to present to our Buyers. If you are a Buyer, before M & A Crown Group will discuss any for sale listing, the first part of our process, regardless of who you are or past success, requires a qualifying interview.

Gathering information, including Buyer and Seller expectations, is a fundamental part of our process and is just as important as revenue models, business operations and historical financial performance. From there, we will produce a one page executive summary directed to the audience as either Buyer or Seller. Our summary reports allow for easy and efficient deal screening by our clients, who are often aggravated by wasting time reviewing deals not suited for their needs.

After selecting deals they are interested in, Buyers and investors will be required to sign a buy-side success fee agreement with M & A Crown Group before we proceed to introduce the details of the opportunity and confidential information.

Unlike other buy-side firms, M & A Crown Group does not charge a retainer fee. We work exclusively on a success fee basis, only being paid in the event of a successful closing. M & A Crown Group employs a similar kind of agreement when engaged by a Seller that states M & A Crown Group will only be paid out of the closing proceeds. We do this because we stand behind our abilities to provide service that produces a successful closing and nothing less.

We have developed a comprehensive due diligence process to uncover the risks and objectively assess the prospects of each opportunity. Our pathway to success is based on our experience in corporate law, real estate, deal structuring, and management consulting.

Buyer Services

M&A Crown Group requires that all potential Buyers register with us. This process not only protects the Seller, but also allows us to serve you to the best of our ability. The registration process allows you access to the current business opportunities that we have available. This access provides you, the potential Buyer, with the following:

· Confidential Business Overview:

As you work with us to narrow down the businesses which you would like to receive more comprehensive information on, we will then provide to you with a Confidential Business Overview.

This Confidential Business Review includes detailed information on the business, including; company overview, products/services provided, competition, facilities, inventory & equipment included, financial history, forecasted cash flow, and a summary of the business history. M&A Crown Group requires that the Seller has an active role in preparing this information and all finalized materials must be approved and signed off by the Seller. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving the Confidential Business Review.

· Confidential Acquisition Search:

M&A Crown Group recognizes that confidentiality for both Buyer and Seller is essential in the acquisition process. Using M & A Crown Group’s local, regional and national networking contacts, a thorough business opportunity search can be conducted while maintaining strict confidentiality. Being part of our Buyer Program allows you to engage us for specific confidential search of a business that best to fit your needs. Some of the services offered in our confidential acquisition search include:

Seller Services

Using M & A Crown Group to sell your business ensures that a professional Business Advisor will be handling your transaction. We discreetly find Buyers without your customers, suppliers or creditors knowing that your business is for sale.

Our Seller clients are typically closely held private companies, sole proprietors, and/or family owned businesses with $1 million to $900 million in annual gross revenues who either have not formulated an exit strategy or have reached a point where they just desire to sell their business.

To help bring any Seller’s transaction to a close, M & A Crown Group utilizes the process it has developed and cultivates its resources to provide the services required to maximize a Client’s goals. Some of the Seller services provided include: